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How We Build Them

  1. We start with a 5x5 CCA treated post on 10' centers (6x6 if those post length exceeds 20 feet) and a 2x6 treated bottom plate
  2. The top plate is a double 2x6 (2x8 if the freespan exceeds 35') some counties call for a heavier plate, such as a 2x10 or 2x12
  3. Factory made trusses are set on 5' centers. The trusses are made with #2 Southern Yellow Pine in the top and bottom cords. The webs and other timber in the barn is SPIB Association Grade stamped #3. We can provide stamped engineered drawings on the trusses. Trusses are rated 24lb top cord loading. Top cord and celing joists dimensions depend on the freespan width of the building
  4. 2x4 on 24" centers, top and sides completes the framing
  5. 26 or 29 gauge steel is applied to complete the barn